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General Directories: - A complete links directory; state, federal, and international law, legal organizations, schools and education, legal topic index, legal practice information, legal support services, business, general reference, lawyers, federal resources, state resources, forms, reference and news, journals and periodicals, and community and culture.

CataLaw - CataLaw is the catalog of catalogs of worldwide law on the Internet. It aids legal research by arranging all indexes of law and government into a uniform, universal and unique metaindex.

Cornell Legal Information Institute - Constitutions and codes, Court opinions, law by source or jurisdiction, topical libraries, directories, and current awareness.

The Jurist - Legal news, research, education, law teaching, scholarship information, student life, opinion, and world law. - Top news, features and analysis, in-house counsel, law biz, automated lawyer, supreme court monitor, and law librarians. Also has resources, including career center, lists and rankings, experts and consultants, court reporter directory, verdict search, law firm central, legal dictionary, the daubert tracker, and martindale-hubbell lawyer locator. - Provides the latest buzz on Internet Legal Research; 9-11 News and legal resources; court rules, forms, and dockets; Zimmerman's Research Guide, Law library search; resource centers for comparative/foreign law, international law, Intranets & KM, marketing, presentations/training.

Thomas - Legislative information on the Internet. Includes legislation, congressional record, committee information. Search Bill Text 108th Congress (2003-2004). Information on Congress now, including House Floor This Week, House Floor Now, and Senate Schedule. Includes resumes of Congressional activity, days in session calendar, Executive Branch, Judicial Branch, state/local, historical documents, and legislation related to 9-11. Homeland Security Act of 2002, Status of FY2003 Appropriations Bills, Appropriations Legislation FY1999-FY2002, Presidential Nominations, and Treaties (90th-108th).

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Martindale Hubbell Legal Directory

USA Law Attorney Directory


West Legal Directory

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Congressional Email Directory

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Project Vote Smart

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Geographic Specific Directories:

Legal Directory of Texas Law Firms

The Legal Annex - directory of lawyers by state

Louisiana Lawyers Center Online - directory of attorneys in Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Tennessee Law Firms - search by attorney and/or practice

Gulf Coast Law  - offers legal information and lists of attorneys in the states of Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.

Academic Law Directories:

Cornell Directory of Legal Academia

Academic Directories:

Washlaw Directory of Law Schools

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